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My name is Charlie. I live near Atlanta, GA. I'm an aspiring artist and soccer player. This is my personal blog. *NSFW



The pain meds kicked in…

Living for those sweatpants imo

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DeKalb County man claims police shot his dog and then wouldn’t let him try to save the canine’s life.

"No steps were taken by DeKalb police whatsoever to try to save my dog’s life," Tim Theall told 11 Alive on Friday.

Theall said he can almost understand why a startled DeKalb County police officer shot Doctor, his 9-year-old German Shepherd, Thursday evening, but not why the officer wouldn’t let him get the dog treated for over an hour.

Theall said he let the dog out of a back yard fence around 7 p.m. and it ran around the house to the front yard before he could follow it.

"And before I turned the corner of the house, I heard two shots; I heard a cop go, ‘Holy [expletive],’" Theall said.

Responding to a false home alarm, the officer shot the dog through the jaw as they surprised each other in the front yard.

"The dog was still alive, clearly bleeding like crazy and the police officer blocked my exit," Theall said.

Theall claimed the officer twice used his patrol car to keep him from taking the dog to a veterinary hospital in his own car.

"Finally he convinced me that I would be thrown in jail if I didn’t just stay where I was," the dog owner said.

After other officers, including a sergeant, arrived and after an hour had passed, Theall said he was finally allowed to take his dog to the emergency vet, where it’s expected to recover, but with very expensive medical bills.


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My heart can’t handle this I’m going to bed


Welp. it’s only 11:30 and I’m emotionally compromised for the rest of the day. 

Oh God, he put the kitten on his glove!

I swear to god I tear up every time this crosses my dash.



video: Fireman Cory Kalanick rescues an unconscious kitten from a burning house filled with smoke.

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Paris In The Rain

From Midnight In Paris (2011)

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god bless sdcc

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I told her to go find a toy and she brought me a leaf. 

I told her to go find a toy and she brought me a leaf. 

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Venice Beach by (russellwhite)

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Imagine if the series had ended right after this moment.

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The full moon rising, main beach. This photo does no justice to the beauty that was. 14.7.14


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This little guy needed a break mid-walk

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He was honestly the only normal character in the whole movie. 

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